Olivia Peguero

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Most Peguero artwork is purchased directly from the artist as it is completed or is pre-sold to art galleries or collectors prior to completion. There are a limited number of original pieces sold each year, so please feel free to contact us at any time for pricing, availability or future work. All available paintings can be previewed by appointment worldwide.  

Master Artist

All Peguero Oil paintings are created using the finest European oil colors along with ultra premium Belgian linen, handpicked by the artist herself. This extra attention to detail produces a long lasting quality finish that ensures vibrant colors and a stable medium for many years to come.

​Welcome to the world of peguero art

A work of art that is hand crafted by a master artisan to enjoy and last a lifetime. A painting that is very sensual and always the center of attention for old friends and new guests. All Peguero original oil paintings are "one of a kind" originals that can be found in private collections worldwide, from the DR to the UK and as far away as India. Peguero Artwork is never mass produced with 100% being “original only” artwork. The months that it takes to complete each work ensures the owner has a unique estate piece that will be passed down through the generations.