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From Mrs. Peguero,    
My art and inspiration comes to me as a child growing up on a truly special Caribbean island, the Dominican Republic. I grew up in two wonderful and very different small towns, one on the east coast called Miches and the other in the southwest called Las Salinas. Miches is very tropical and has everything an artist needs to be inspired. Close by is one of the most incredible beaches called Costa Esmeralda. It’s lined with coconut palms and miles of undeveloped shores. Just spending a few moments walking the white sand and you’ll want to start mixing cerulean and ultramarine in a futile attempt to match the beauty of the water.   Just west of the town is the rain forest and cocoa plantations. This is an area that as a young girl, gave me much of my motivation to paint nature at its best. It’s filled with an unlimited number of greens blended with reds and yellows ready to be put to canvas. This is the real magic of my childhood memories, traveling to the cocoa farm, the trees, butterflies and undisturbed old growth forest all around. You’ll see this in all of my painting, the colors and rich life of the Dominican rain forest.

But even though I spent much of my time on the east coast, I was born on the opposite side of the island in a small rural town called Las Salinas. Here, I traveled with my family by horse to the coffee plantations high in the mountains. The cool arid nights spent in the highlands were always warmed by the kindness of the people and smiles of the children. Even today, you can stand in the center of town and hear the children playing in Parque Central, their laughs bringing the air to life. In my highland paintings, you’ll see more warm browns and purples that reflect my love for the town and wonderful highland landscapes.

As well as being an accomplished artist and business woman,  Mrs. Peguero holds the following advanced University Degrees:

  • Bachelors Degree of Fine Art Studio Painting:  FAU - Florida Atlantic University, Florida

  • Bachelors Degree in Management Information Systems: Mercy College, New York 

  • Master Degree in Business Administration, MBA: Nova Business University, Florida.

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