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It has been said that intelligence is evenly distributed throughout the world, but opportunity has not.

The Olivia Peguero Arte Libro Foundation and the Art Books for Education Program was founded in 2007. Mrs. Peguero's mission was to find a way to fund and bring art education to young children and rural schools throughout the Dominican Republic. The case presented was that even today, many Dominican children are not exposed to and do not have the opportunity to learn fine arts such as painting, sculpture, poetry and story writing. And for a country so rich in the music and dance arts to not have an emphasis in these areas is a loss for every child. But how to bring the basics to the most rural areas and ensure children are at least given the chance to test their own creativity?


To that end, a multifaceted approach is currently under development at the foundation. First, to help develop a standardized curriculum (in Spanish) that can be taught to young children in private and public schools throughout the DR. Next, supply the schools with the base training material needed to apply the training. One method being implemented is to supply the school with a set of Spanish language art books that cover painting, sculpture, poetry and story writing. These would then be given to each school for their library and as some schools don’t have a library, it would be the start of a long term collection to benefit all students

The Peguero Arte Libros Foundation is private educational charity set up to promote fine arts. reading and math skills for Dominican children between the ages of 7 and 17.


For information on how you can help promote arts education, current events or how you can help foster the arts and education, contact us at 954.426.4248 or e-mail

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