Fine Art & Good Living


A work of art that is hand crafted by a master artisan to enjoy and last a lifetime. A painting that is very sensual and always the center of attention for old friends and new guests. All Peguero oil paintings are "one of a kind" originals that can be found in private collections worldwide, from the DR to the UK and as far away as India.

To focus only of its quality would be a misnomer, this is excellence in craftsmanship where each drop of the finest oil is painstakingly applied by the hand of a master artisan. The months and in some cases, years that it takes to complete each work ensures its owner has a unique estate piece that will be enjoyed for a lifetime and passed down through the generations.


He asked,"How long before this work will be ready?"

She answers "Why do you ask what you already know? I don't think she will ever be ready."

He smiles and before he can say another word, his wife graciously interrupts.

"Then you will come to Dubai and visit her to make sure she is happy where she lives."

Olivia pauses for a moment. "It would be difficult to not check on her. We can have some tea and maybe some lunch."​

The woman looks at Olivia and now her husband interrupts. "And maybe we will discuss when your next child will be ready to leave the nest?

Olivia picks up her brush and stares at the work in front of her. "Yes, maybe."

Once you’ve made the long journey here,

The first things you notice are the greens, the blues and the perfectly undisturbed environment. Here, just in front of my canvas you’ll see a natural carpet of bright green grass that grows beneath the coconut trees. Wild horses wonder around grazing, and every once in a while, you’ll hear the buzzing of a hummingbird past your ear. For me, picking the right time of the day is very important for each work. Close to the shore, the morning light is a subtle yellow and if you come in the afternoon, the shadows from the old grandfather coconut palms are constantly moving, playing games with your composition. They grow very long in the evening and the trunks take on a much darker grey appearance. The one thing you will always find is the evening breeze. In the morning, it may be calm but by the late afternoon, the heat and rain brings a steady breeze and a true artist’s paradise that can only be found here.

Olivia Peguero

"Abstract art is what you want it to be, modern art is, I guess modern. But a work of art is something that needs no explanation, no curated story or docent explanation. It stands on it's own and speaks directly to you."

Olivia Peguero